It's sunday, it's Linbits time!

This is some the best stuff that happened around the PinePhone this week. Commentary in italics.

Software: releases and improvements

Worth reading

Worth watching

Stuff I did

I had a very busy week at work and as the weekend was kind of busy too, as a new episode of the NerdZoom podcast had to be recorded. Also, as I managed to forget my microSD card box, I couldn't do much PinePhone related stuff this weekend.

I noticed that incoming calls no longer work for me on any Phosh/modem-manager based distribution (they still work on Plasma Mobile, which uses ofono), and apparently I am at least not totally alone with that issue.

I now run postmarketOS with Phosh on the eMMC. I chose postmarketOS because of their support for full disk encryption and installed using one of their prebuilt images. The installer is really something!

My current secondary OS is Arch Linux ARM Huong Tram Edition. On Arch and pmOS, I mainly experimented with software that is all about reading: RSS readers, Read-it-Later clients and so on. Furthermore, I have played with Qt/Plasma Mobile Apps on Phosh — I am already drafting a blog post on all this, so stay tuned.

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