Aside from another Phosh release, we have roundups about SailfishOS, and good news regarding connecting USB peripherals to Snapdragon 845 devices! Have fun reading this one!

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Soon, on June 4th, 2024, it will be four years since the first Weekly Update, which won't be celebrated with a blog post, as there's another, more important, personal anniversary on that same day. With a vacation coming up, further blog posts will be written in trains, and only then, meaning, the next posts will happen on July 5th and/or 9th, and July 20th, taking a short, but necessary break in between. Of course, while not yet half-a-decade, four years are a good opportunity to have a short celebration; a good opportunity to do so will be at FrOSCon - I'll see to it and smuggle something into the dev-room schedule. If you plan to attend, and have a topic, please add your talkthere, too!

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