I really hope I can make this a recurring thing.

This is some the best stuff that happened around the PinePhone this week. Commentary in italics.

Software: releases and improvements

Worth reading

  • Non-static Pinephone Review — roiredideas. This seems to be the only sensible way to review it right now. There is so much software and so much progress on so many ends, that it is just impossible to reach anything close to a verdict. My experience with PureOS differs, but every project puts out a wonky image once in a while. Also: If you want a dark theme on Phosh-based distributions, gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme “Adwaita-dark” is your friend.
  • Install #openSUSE on a #Pinephone device — victorhckinthefreeworld.com. Interesting interview, even if you don't really care about openSUSE.

Worth watching

Stuff I did

  • I mostly used Mobian:
    • I listened to a Podcast in the Gnome Podcasts app,
    • I managed to install gnome-passwordsafe from flathub, and got signed in to Nextcloud using Gnome Accounts, ticking two boxes on my "daily driver" check list,
    • I installed nheko to find out that the squeekboard keyboard does not work with it and then logged in to fractal to have non-encrypted Matrix.