It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

This is what happened around the PinePhone this week. Commentary in italics.

Software: releases and improvements

  • New Arch Linux ARM release. Gnome Camera, Geary and Gnome Usage have been added, sudo is now a thing, and lz4 compression for zram is now available, making the zram-feature more useful. Also, there is a barebones image for all those who want to build their own little fun distro atop arch.
  • Manjaro have released images with Phosh that feature Anbox preinstalled. Unfortunately, with adb currently broken in Manjaro (and Arch), this is nothing more than a demo on which you can't really install apps without jumping through a ton of hoops. At least Manjaro comes with a swap partition by design, which certainly helps.
  • Scardracs, fellow Italian blogger, has picked up Fedora for the PinePhone and released a couple builds this week on a Telegram channel.
  • EmacsはOS. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any images to just simply get this up and running. It seems to be an amalgam of Arch Linux ARM, sway, Squeekboard, Waybar and Emacs.

Worth reading

Worth watching

Coming up

Stuff I did

  • I failed to build Maliit on Arch Linux ARM and at getting Lomiri to run on Manjaro.
  • Also, not much progress on the App List/App DB front. I am really not sure how to set this up — as a part of this blog or as a seperate thing, maybe running Wiki software to make adding apps easier for those who are not familiar with GitHub? I hope I will figure this out this week.
  • At least I managed to upload two videos.
  • That's not all I want to do, I will try to test some Android apps in Anbox on camera, namely Whatsapp and NewPipe. I might try GloDroid 0.3.0 finally, and then someone on reddit told me about SPURV, an effort to run Android 9 alongside Wayland by Collabora, for which they really picked a bad announcement date with April Fools day. Unfortunately, building SPURV appears to be a bit beyond my abilities, so I hope I can avoid wasting time on it.