It's sunday, it's Linbits time!

This is some the best stuff that happened around the PinePhone this week. Commentary in italics.

Software: releases and improvements

Worth reading

Worth listening

Linux Unplugged: 346: Linux Arm Wrestling. Ever wondered why running Linux on ARM is so much more difficult than doing so on x86/amd64? This episode of the excellent 'Linux Unplugged' podcast has answers.

Worth watching__

Stuff I did

I shot a short video of LuneOS, showing off their build 107 and old my Palm Pre Plus. I later tried to change the Kernel (LuneOS is still on 5.5) to Megi's Kernel, but failed on my first attempt.

Three #DailyDriverChallenge posts were released and one related video on running Qt apps on Phosh. Also, I started playing with Ubuntu Touch again (from SD card), maybe more on that next week.