It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

LUKS-encrypted Mobian, DanctNix with F2FS, WiFi driver and modem firmware work by Megi and more. Commentary in italics.

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I published two videos this week:

  • PinePhone: Manjaro Plasma Mobile (soon on the KDE Community Edition): PeerTube, LBRY, YouTube;
  • PinePhone: Plasma Desktop and the Convergence Dock: PeerTube, LBRY, YouTube; On monday, I streamed live for the second time, unfortunately screwing up audio again. The fixed recording is on PeerTube. Also, I published two edited best-of videos to highlight the (IMHO) most interesting segments of that stream:
  • Best of LIMMOB Live #1: postmarketOS GNOME on the PinePhone: PeerTube, LBRY, YouTube;
  • Best of LIMMOB Live #1: Maemo Leste on the PinePhone: PeerTube, LBRY, YouTube.


The game-split has finally happened, and I am considering a "web app list" next. Also I managed to add some apps. If you use web apps on your PinePhone, Librem 5 or postmarketOS phone, please tell me about it!

Random Stuff