It's sunday friday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Phosh 0.5.0, 60 Hz on the PinePhone, PineCone WiFi/BT LE Modules, QWERTY Linux awesomeness and more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

  • Phosh 0.5.0 has been announced by Guido Günther. It adds more keybindings and a very nice docked mode which makes convergence a lot more useful. And there is a lot more in the full release notes.
  • 60 Hz kernel: Megi's kernel has been patched to properly drive the display at 60Hz. It makes quite the difference, especially scrolling feels much more smooth now. The patched kernel has already landed in Arch and Manjaro, and postmarketOS should have it soon. It's one of these changes that improve the situation so much that you wonder "How could I ever deal with this phone before that patch?" when you go back to a not yet updated OS.
  • The Nokia 8110 4G GPL source has been finally released.

Hardware announcements

  • PineCone: PINE64: Nutcracker Challenge: Blob-Free WiFi & BLE. This is an nice idea, I really hope that it is going to be successful and wonder whether PineCone could become the WiFi module of PineCom, which would be making that new handheld device a fully blob-free one.

Worth reading

Worth watching

Stuff I did

Content 1

  • I finally made a video on Nemo Mobile. I am not too happy with it, but felt that I needed to get it done despite an empty battery. It's a great project, I like many of their design choices and it is fully open source. I hope they manage to transition over to Fedora soon, so that more fully baked PinePhone 1images can help Nemo Mobile gather the positive attention they deserve.
  • I shared a few photos on social media, showing convergence, more convergence, and my QWERTY collection. Also, a QWERTY miscommunication occured.
  • All my videos are now on PeerTube. Just click the link in the footer to get to my channel.


Not much happened here, just a few additions and some maintenance. Last weeks video asking for help was not successful; apparently people who care about games are not into maintaining lists, who could have known?

and more ...

  • I built KeePit (a Ubuntu Touch KeePass app) for ARM64 today and that went flawlessly; only my database does not seem to be compatible, but that is a common problem among KeePass clients, I had a similar issue with ownKeepass on Sailfish OS (I really need to clean up my database and then save it in the most secure while compatible format). Building clicks is really, really easy; if you want to try it too, head over to

This weeks LinBits is published early for personal reasons.