It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Squeekboard 1.10.0, postmarketOS has a new kernel, Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Modules and more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

  • Squeekboard 1.10.0 brings (among other features) Xwayland support which is going to help with apps that have not fully embraced Wayland like Glimpse, Chromium or Anbox.
  • postmarketOS have upgraded their Linux kernel on the PinePhone to megi's 5.9, which is great news as it should bring many improvements.
  • DanctNIX Mobile/Arch Linux ARM has seen a new release. New features include scrolling fixes, the new Squeekboard release and more. Existing users need to add another repo: Just edit /etc/pacman.conf and add the following as you can see in this photo:
SigLevel = Never
Server =


  • Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module. If you think that PinePhone and Librem 5 are too slow and want to build your own Linux Phone, this would be a good platform I think. Remember to plan for cooling and a massive battery though.

Worth reading

Worth listening

  • Linux Unplugged 376: From the Factory Floor. At 21:02 there's talk about the PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition, which is going to ship with Phosh.

Worth watching

Stuff I did


I shot and published two videos:

I have also decided that I am going to provide a mirror of all my videos on a VPS for people who (understandibly) don't like YouTube. I am not sure how to implement this, currently I am thinking of adding blog posts with the video description and embedding the videos there, providing a more complete feed that then is only going to lack my social media activity on Twitter and Fosstodon. This move will also most likely mean that I won't upload any more videos to #PeerTube, mainly because it's too time consuming given that it's one more place to upload stuff to and where I need to keep track of comments. As with previous announcements I made in this section of the "Weekly Update": Don't expect this to happen immidiately. If you have thoughts or recommendations (e.g. on video hosting or on including Fosstodon or Twitter into an RSS feed), please get in touch!


  • LINMOBapps has now more than 200 apps. I still did not branch out games (and I intend to maintain a copy of the complete list of apps and games around to allow contributions back to MGLapps), but I am going to do that soon. If you want to help or have helpful suggestions, please get in touch!

and more ...

  • I played a bit with Sailfish X on the SONY Xperia X, and it has some pretty cool apps that I would love to see ported to other Linux on Mobile distributions.