Another boring week with just a few releases, I even had to reach for Steam Deck content to fill this one up.

Commentary in italics.

Hardware enablement

Software news

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch

Nemo Mobile

Distro releases

  • Danct12 has released another round of images for his Arch Linux ARM-based distribution. The biggest change is in the repo setup: It's all one repo now (which is great news for everyone with a touch screen device running Arch Linux ARM, as it makes getting mobile friendly packages a lot easier), and there's a testing repo if you're brave and want to help!

Alternative Modem Firmware

Worth reading

How To Multi Distro image and Kodi

Networking and postmarketOS infrastructure

Time is scarce

Proper Software Releases

Proprietary apps on PinePhone

Mobile Gaming on a Linux handheld

Worth watching

Another Linux Tablet

Ubuntu Touch

Nemo Mobile


PinePhone Pro Gaming

PinePhone accessories

Kodi on PinePhone

PinePhone SDR


Something missing?

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