Plasma Mobile Gear 22.02, Maui 2.1.1., SailfishOS make progress on the PinePhone Pro, booting the Librem 5 from microSD, help UBports to test OTA 22, Signal Desktop as an unofficial Flatpak for ARM64 and a lot of FOSDEM 2022 videos!


It's been a packed week: FOSDEM 2022 was amazing for everyone interested in FOSS on mobile, Plasma Mobile Gear 22.02 was released among other software.

That said, my personal highlight was something else: Working suspend on the PinePhone Pro (make sure to read the entire discusssion). Caveat: I was very busy with the day job this week, so much so that I did not manage to test this properly (with a SIM card and all) yet. So take this brief progress report with a lot of salt and have fun reading what happened in the past (almost) seven days!

Hardware news

Hardware enablement news

Software news

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch

Sailfish OS

Distro releases

App Availability

  • If you've been longing to run Signal Desktop on your Linux Phone on a distribution it's not being packaged for (e.g. PureOS or postmarketOS), you can now try this unofficial Flatpak build. It actually looks quite usable!

Worth reading

Ways to use a PinePhone

  • DistroWatch: UBports as home server with media sharing. I get using the PinePhone as a home server, but why would you do that with a distribution that needs to be 'mutilated' (rw mounting) to do so, and not one of the tons of desktop distributions?

PinePhone Impressions PinePhone: trying out a Linux-based smartphone. Nice read! (Make sure to subscribe to lwn!)

PinePhone malware

Nemo Mobile at FOSDEM 2022

  • Nemo Mobile: [NemoMobile at FOSDEM 2022( Nice to have the Q&A preserved like this!

New Apps

  • TuxPhones: A new wave of Linux applications. Not to be a buzzkill, but just like with libhandy apps, not every libadwaita app is automatically going to fit great on a phone screen.

PinePhone Keyboard

PinePhone Games and Game Development

Purism at FOSDEM

Firmware stuff

Worth listening

  • postmarketOS podcast: #14 FOSDEM 2022 Special. Listen to this for first hand FOSDEM experiences and talk recommendations!

Worth watching

Let's start this section with FOSDEM 2022:

If you're wondering, why there's so little Plasma Mobile the FOSDEM section: KDE had its own stand and handled recording differently – I'll include recordings once they land!

FOSDEM 2022: Linux Mobile - bigger picture

FOSDEM 2022: Distributions

FOSDEM 2022: Nemo Mobile

FOSDEM 2022: Mobile kernel development/Mainlining devices

FOSDEM 2022: Low level: Camera and Modem middleware

FOSDEM 2022: GNOME on Mobile

FOSDEM 2022: Lisp on Mobile

FOSDEM 2022: Linux on eInk!

FOSDEM 2022: Get togethers

FOSDEM 2022: Genode on PinePhone

PinePhone Pro

PinePhone Keyboard

Ubuntu Touch Game Dev


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