A quiet, last week of the year, collected for the last time in 2023. Thank you for reading the updates in the past year, and all the kind feedback. :-)

Personally, 37c3 was a great ending to a mixed year, despite the assembly issues1. See you next year!

AI Summary: This post covers recent updates and developments in the Linux and open-source mobile ecosystem. It includes GNOME and Plasma ecosystem updates, developments in Sailfish OS, new additions to Ubuntu Touch, advancements in various Linux distributions, app releases, kernel patches, updates in the software stack and Matrix, and several noteworthy readings, videos, and community discussions related to mobile Linux.

Commentary in italics.


Gnome Ecosystem

Plasma Ecosystem

Sailfish OS

Ubuntu Touch






Worth Noting

Worth Reading

Worth Watching


All of these talks are not really too relevant to the topic at hand. I included them to give you an idea of the talks Congress offers, and rest assured, there's way, way more.


Huge thanks to Plata for the nifty set of Python scripts that speed up collecting links from feeds by a lot.

Something missing? Want to contribute?

If your project's cool story (or your awesome video or nifty blog post or ...) is missing and you don't want that to happen again, please just put it into the hedgedoc pad for the next one! Since I am collecting many things there, this get's you early access if you will ;-) If you just stumble on a thing, please put it in there too - all help is appreciated!


I was not prepared to be told by habitat orga that there would be no table for a Linux on Mobile Assembly, claiming I had not replied to an email (which I had) and could prove. The bad side of being drained and tired is, that you can't really fight back surprise setbacks, and so I caved - sorry again for everybody who got frustrated by being unable to find the assembly!