Tow-Boot for the PinePhone Pro, two PinePhone Pro development progress reports by Megi, PINE64 PinePhone Community Poll results, mixed news around JingOS and JingPad and plenty PinePhone Pro unboxings!

Worth noting

  • Sadly, PinePhone malware being spread in chats again1. Fortunately, release 0.5.5 of Biktorgj's modem firmware is working amazingly well for me (I had to reboot for connectivity issues once in the past week, but that was to get WiFi working again) – so go ahead and fix your vulnerable phones by running more open source software on the phone inside your phone!
  • If you're reading this on February 5th or 6th, head over to FOSDEM's FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom now!
  • Apologies for being a day late! Don't ask to get your money back :)

Hardware news

  • Apparently, the Planet Computers Astro Slide, successor to the Gemini PDA and Cosmo Communicator, is now shipping.

Hardware enablement news

Software news

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch


Distro releases

  • Megi has released a newer take on his p-boot multi boot image for the PinePhone (via Liliputing). As usual, please keep in mind: This is for test-driving only. Don't use this in "real life", and don't report bugs you experience with it to the distributions included, since this is not using the kernel these distributions usually come with. Also: This is for the PinePhone, not the PinePhone Pro.
  • Dan Johansen: This month in Manjaro (January 2022).

Worth reading

PinePhone usage reports

Linux Phones Enthusiasm

  • Mobian Blog: Game Changers. A must read about the PinePhone Pro!


Tablet corner

PinePhone Keyboard

Distro Progress

Competition ;-)

Worth listening

Worth watching

Again: If you're reading this on February 5th or 6th, head over to FOSDEM's FOSS on Mobile Devices devroom now! Also, don't miss this talk on Genode on the PinePhone!

Tow Boot on PinePhone Pro

PinePhone Pro

Game Dev on PinePhone Pro

Ubuntu Touch

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 116. Some big news in here with Dalton taking a break. Thanks for all your hard work and take your time, Dalton!

More Ubuntu Touch

Weird old hardware


Something missing?

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Sadly, the LinuxPhoneApps room was also affected.