This Weekly Update is running two days late. It offers a Ubuntu Touch Q&A, some blog posts by #LinuxMobile Hardware companies, a few videos, progress on camera work in Linux, apps, an important PSA for PinePhone users running postmarketOS and so on. Enjoy!

Please note: The next update will summarize everything from now (mid-Tuesday) to July 20th, 2024, as I am on vacation in the meantime. If you NEED a link list to go through every sunday, I'll surely run the pipeline again, to generate what is "the starting point" of each Weekly Update. As "less screen time" is a vacation goal, help with collecting the things that may be missed otherwise is duly appreciated!

Commentary in italics.

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Huge thanks to Plata for the nifty set of Python scripts that speed up collecting links from feeds by a lot.

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