It's almost three years after the first weekly update (stay tuned for a look back on tuesday (or help with it beforehand :) ), and we have a new Linux Phone offering by Purism that feels quite familiar.

PSA: If you still use Twitter actively, please help with collecting interesting/relevant content! _If you had asked me, how Twitter could get even worse a week ago, I would not have been able to predict this. Nitter is broken, and as all remaining ways to interface with Twitter are quite terrible and far too time-consuming.

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  • Purism: Introducing the Liberty Phone. This is just a Librem 5 with 4GB of RAM (which the Librem 5 USA technically has too, IIRC) and 128 GB eMMC. As a Librem 5 (3GB/32GB) user, these are welcome upgrades, but ... that naming and price tag make it so that I just can't get myself to feel excitement, sorry.


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