Extensions coming to GNOME Web, some new Sailfish OS Community News, NOKIA causes a naming dispute and more!

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Hardware announcements

Software progress

GNOME ecosystem

  • This Week in GNOME: #50 Extend the Web. AdwMessageDialog is one of these small features with (likely) big impact.
  • TingPing's blog: WebExtension Support in Epiphany. Sadly, gnome-nightly does not seem to include this for AARCH64, making easy testing on our 64-bit ARM mobile devices impossible. Still: Great to see this happening, really looking forward to this landing soon!
  • Marcus Lundblad: Summer Maps.

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch

Sailfish OS




Worth noting

  • If you're interested in daily driving your PinePhone, this reddit thread might help.
  • Customer experience matters. If someone has bought more than one of your products, please don't treat them like this! I usually don't include random complaints, but this one is just sad.
  • Lawyers gonna lawyer: What we know and love as "Notkia" is looking for a new name!

Worth reading

PINE64 Community Update

PinePhone Pro USB-C

PinePhone Pro Camera Success

CEO Interviews

  • The Register: The App Gap and supply chains: Purism CEO on what's ahead for the Librem 5 USA. Money to fill the app gap? Sounds good. I hope that when Purism add this as a feature to PureOS Store, they do it in a way that makes use on non-Purism devices possible, including payments. I vaguely recall some old ideas to base this all on flatpak, which would make this possible. Also interesting: Details on a possible next-gen Librem phone.


Worth listening

Worth watching

Plasma Mobile

AIX 4.3 on PinePhone

PINE64 Community Update

Development streams

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