Eight days of news, and still not a lot that's super Linux on Mobile specific. At least there's been another Ubuntu Touch Q&A, another postmarketOS Service Pack, and it looks like that really need to find the time to have a look at Capyloon.

Commentary in italics.


Amazingly well thought out Raspberry Pi based hardware

RISC-V handheld device

Crowdfunded devices shipping

Hardware enablement


GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Distro releases

Sailfish OS



  • Capyloon (B2G/Firefox OS reboot) has also had another release, featuring a number of changes important for privacy.

Worth noting

Worth reading

PINE64 Community Update

First Impressions of Linux Phones

  • Nirik: Pinephone pro. Nice first impressions with a focus on upstreamability!
  • etbe: Librem 5 First Impression. I have been pondering writing a follow-up post on how the Librem 5 is doing now (I've been using it for the past week,1 and it did good enough for me to not go back to the PinePhone), and that GNOME Keyring thing is something I'd spend a paragraph or two on as well.

PowerVR Mesa Driver

Not a new device, just a cellular plan

Worth watching

PinePhone (Pro) Impressions

PINE64 Community Update

Ubuntu Touch

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 117. Florian and Alfred talk about what's new in Ubuntu Touch: A new installer release, three new devices supported (Lenovo Tab M10 X605, the JingPad, and the ShiftPhones 6mq), VSCodium on the Open-Store and Community Questions.

Sailfish 4.4

Spanish talks


Something missing?

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I did not do so, as working on getting LinuxPhoneApps.org launched is just way more important.