A Sailfish OS Community News update, a postmarketOS report, Plasma 6 coming closer, a bunch of Sxmo userscripts and finally an overdue quaterly update by LinuxPhoneApps.org.

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An anonymous contributor notes on the pad: Some context information I deem important is, that changes to SC7280 also affect QCM6490, since SC7280 is used as the base for QCM6490 - the Fairphone 5 SoC. Since this is not immediately obvious to people not following the kernel, I'd like to somehow have this mentioned, when SC7280 is receiving future work. And venus on Fairphone 5 is kind of a big deal, since we're talking about video encoding/decoding acceleration here.

Additional note by Peter: Fun fact: The next ShiftPhone is also going to use QCM6490.



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Let's start with FOSS on Mobile:

Luca's big talk:

And some other interesting talks:


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