Delayed and with post-FOSDEM blues, this Weekly Update goes through what happened in the past week:

Phosh 0.36.0 and Ubuntu Touch 20.04 OTA 4 were released, new renderers in GTK4 are going to be good for performance, but not on slower Linux Phones, you can support Phosh's development directly now, an Update on Itinerary, progress on the new PinePhone WiFi driver, and recordings of FOSDEM talks showing up!

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FOSDEM Talks More to Follow!

FOSS on Mobile dev-room videos will show up in this folder once released.

Videos from other dev rooms:

To quickly check which FOSDEM talk recordings have been published: hrw made a helpful website for that!


Huge thanks to Plata for the nifty set of Python scripts that speed up collecting links from feeds by a lot.

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