• Libreboot on the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101P: Disable write protection

    Libreboot is a coreboot distribution, that supports a bunch of devices. Among many x86_64 devices, you can also install on two ARM-powered Chromebook. One of these Chromebooks is the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101p, and since I did not find a proper guide on how to disable firmware write protection, a necessary step before installing Libreboot, here's a stab at providing one.

  • MCF12: Scarce Time, Even at Night(ly)

    There's not been much progress since my last post. Other things cluttered my agenda, and ... I also need my sleep lately, so I could not make up for day-time by using night-time.

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (14/2024): Phosh 0.38.0 and other news

    Aside from a release of Phosh 0.38.0, that notably also contains a release of Squeekboard, we have a Community News Roundup for Sailfish, a UBports Newsletter, and many other little things, including a way to run Palm OS applications. Enjoy!

  • How I fit many flatpaks on my Librem 5 with PureOS Byzantium

    Earlier today, I came across a post on Mastodon about the 32GB eMMC in the Librem 5 is not enough for flatpaks. Turns out, I have made it work for me, as $ flatpak list | wc -l (the line-count of the output of flatpak list, which lists all installed flatpaks after a one line heading): 117 and I want to share how I did this here and now.

  • MCF11: Private Browsing Struggles

    In the days since the last progress report, I did not have much time (thanks, day job ... not). I tried to tackle fixing the private browsing menu, but have not suceeded yet.

  • MCF10: The Bug and the Bugfix

    Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn something - turns out, 4.3.0 was such a learning opportunity.

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (13/2024): Bugfixes and Improvements

    More specifically: Modem Manager supporting GPS without a SIM card, improvements coming to the PinePhone Pro's back camera, a release of mobile-config-firefox, postmarketOS trailblazers, micro-laptop news, FairPhone 4 upstreaming and more!