• Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (27/2024): Two Days Late

    This Weekly Update is running two days late. It offers a Ubuntu Touch Q&A, some blog posts by #LinuxMobile Hardware companies, a few videos, progress on camera work in Linux, apps, an important PSA for PinePhone users running postmarketOS and so on. Enjoy!

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (26/2024): Phosh 0.40.0 and other good news

    Aside from another Phosh release, we have roundups about SailfishOS, and good news regarding connecting USB peripherals to Snapdragon 845 devices! Have fun reading this one!

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (25/2024): A Podcast about Phosh

    A new episode of my favorite podcast! Also, we have a UBports Q&A, a new release of Sailfish OS rolling out to users; Lindroid, a "reverse waydroid" to run Linux apps on rooted Android, and more! Enjoy!

  • MFC15: Two Merge(d) requests and a Pull Request

    In the previous post of this series, I wrote:

    What would be next, provided I had the time? Besides fixing Private Browsing and keeping track and taking care of changes in Firefox that negatively affect the mobile-config-firefox user experience?

  • MCF14: Almost 128

    I sadly did not manage to spend enough time to accomplish anything since the last post titled 'Continuing'. But, still, at least from my experiences with Firefox 127, I am somewhat happy that (unless 128 changes a lot in terms of UI), the next ESR (128) won't be awful for users of mobile distributions shipping mobile-config-firefox.

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (24/2024): postmarketOS 24.06 and other developments

    postmarketOS 24.06 released with support over 250 devices, news on pmbootstrap v3, first camera support on close-to-mainline on the Snapdragon 845-powered Xiaomi Poco F1, GNOME Mobile OSK working with Qt (and other non-GTK) apps, and more!

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (23/2024): It All Adds Up

    A week of little things: A Ubuntu Touch Q&A with improvements on CardDAV support and many new apps (including an IDE), UBports Foundation board elections, postmarketOS 24.06 being tested before release, a SailfishOS Community News roundup before 4.6.0 'Sauna' gets released to the public, Sxmo 1.6.1, soon-to-land improvements for the PinePhone Pro's main camera ... and more - adding up to a good week without an obvious headline. Enjoy!