• Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (12/2024): GNOME 46 and other releases

    Also worth highlighting: Some Sailfish Community News, Lomiri in Alpine and Ubuntu 24.04, a video about Nix including Mobile NixOS, progress regarding rounded display corners in Phosh, upstreaming progress for PineTab 2 and other devices, bugfixes with KDE Gear 24.02.1 and more!

  • MCF06: Some progress and a call for feedback

    Sometimes things just work out well; and you can fix things quickly.

  • MCF05: A fix and some planning

    No, I did not stop to set up "verified commits". I kept fixing issues instead. Fortunately, next there are tougher nuts to crack, and I should also do the responsible thing, and plan ahead.

  • MCF04: Overcoming a hurdle

    One of the reasons I decided to not just contribute, but also blog about what I do, is that I tend to forget important details. It happened again, so here's the detail I forgot - it's to not misread an instruction.

  • Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (11/2024): Q&A's and Community Updates

    PINE64 is back with a Community Update after a long hiatus, a new Ubuntu Touch Q&A, a postmarketOS progress report, the new PinePhone WiFi driver gets accepted, Plasma Mobile 6.0.2 makes Plasma Mobile even more worth trying, and a lot more!

  • Push notifications in (mobile) Linux

    An introduction into push notifications, why we want it on Linux, and an overview over the current options.

  • MCF03: Overdue failures

    Last time things were looking great, this time... I should have blogged more, and tried less maybe. Staying focussed is key to success, they say.