• LinBits 66: Weekly Linux Phone news / media roundup (week 40/41)

    Summing up seven days in Mobile Linux: Nemo Mobile publish another Manjaro-based image for the PinePhone that shows a lot of progress, postmarketOS stable 21.06 gets a third Service Pack (plus: another great podcast episode and nice videos) and UBports needs you to step up!

  • LinBits 65: Weekly Linux Phone news / media roundup (week 39/40)

    This week in Linux Phones: Nemo Mobile and Mobile NixOS progress reports, updates on Kalendar, KQuickImageEdior and some GNOME apps, a guide to PinePhone Privacy, yet more cross-compilation, a cool new podcast and many PinePhone videos!

  • Playing with Swmo

    Of all the UI's people use on their Linux Phones, Sxmo is one of the few that has its origins on the PinePhone. But it uses, which like it or not, is legacy technology. Recently there's been work of bringing the Sxmo experience over to Wayland, and these are my notes after trying it for a few hours.

  • LinBits 64: Weekly Linux Phone news / media roundup (week 38/39)

    This week in mobile Linux: Android kernels adopting a more mainline approach, Waydroid running on SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch, libcamera, how to cross compile for Plasma Mobile (this time with a tool that should help a lot), a GTK app to browse LINMOBapps and more!

  • LinBits 63: Weekly Linux Phone news / media roundup (week 37/38)

    A rather dull seven days have gone by: GNOME (Calls) 41 has been released, join Jolla's 10th birthday party, Waydroid in OpenSUSE, how to cross compile for Plasma Mobile development, two new podcast episodes worth listening to (with chapter markers on Linux Phones), and a video shortage?!

  • LinBits 62: Weekly Linux Phone news / media roundup (week 36/37)

    It's Wednesday again! Now what happened since last Wednesday?

    Megapixels with more contrast, easy installable Waydroid on DanctNIX and postmarketOS, Librem 5 pricing increases and more!

  • GNOME Software 41 will work just fine on mobile

    With GNOME 41 being released soon, one important app is now working fine on Mobile. But the new features don't stop there, making it worth a closer look.