It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Further delays with Librem 5 shipping, a notable improvement for using Desktop Apps on phones, and more! Commentary in italics.

Software development and releases

Worth noting

  • Nheko 0.8.2 was relesed the week before, but I only tried it this week and must recommend it: Many bugs have been fixed, it can be used on the PinePhone yet. It's not totally crash free yet, but definitely a lot better!
  • Manjaro Phosh has seen notable improvements with regard to battery life.

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Stuff I did


I wrote two blog posts, one announcing the overhaul of this blog, and another discussing the question of the viability of this new Linux Phone ecosystem.


I added two apps to LINMOBapps, so that we have a total of 259 apps right now: Added DayKountdown and OptiImage. See here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!