It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Phosh and Squeekboard, Manjaro, DanctNIX and OpenSUSE see new releases, PINE64 show more PinePhone accessories and more! Commentary in italics.

Software development and releases


Worth noting

Worth reading

Worth watching

Stuff I did


None, sorry. But there's hope for next week!


  • I tried to do something with the PineCube PINE64 sent me. And I am going to use it as a camera in my next live stream.
  • Work on this blog's Zola migration continues: There are still years of posts to be looked at and frontmatter editing, the theme needs work (and a few decisions on features and questions like modern vs. minimal), and... and... But: I managed to get Zola running on my current hoster by compiling it in a CentOS 7 virtual machine and most importantly, I am still on schedule.


I added three apps to LINMOBapps, so that we have a total of 252 apps right now: Pamac (see above); Telegrand, a WIP GTK4/libadwaita Telegram client written in Rust; and Lith, a WeeChat client. I also a removed few things from the LINMOBapps repository and put them in their own repositories: APKBUILDs, PKGBUILDs and tweaks. See here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!