It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

Phosh updates, Librem 5 Shipping, PinePhone KDE Community Edition and more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

Worth reading

Worth watching

Manjaro PinePhone Unboxings

Non-Linux Phone content

Stuff I did


  • I wrote a blog post on Pine64's announcement.
  • I streamed for the first time on YouTube. It was fun, and I am going to repeat this once I have worked on my setup. If you want to watch a part of this first stream, you can do so on YouTube. Maybe it can help you out with understanding Jumpdrive — it's unlisted because I had audio issues in the beginning. If you have ideas for topics to discuss on LINMOB live, please get in touch!


Not much happened here, just some maintenance. I have another commit almost ready, and I hope to be able to do the game-split next week, so stay tuned.