It's sunday. Now what happened since last LinBits?

A lot: UBports Ubuntu Touch OTA-14, postmarketOS news, Librem 5 and Pyra shipping announcements and more. Commentary in italics.

Software releases and improvements

  • phosh 0.5.1, bringing bug fixes, translation updates and docked mode for tablets. Read the full release notes for more.
  • Mutt 2.0. Now you may wonder why this in here, but since it works on the terminal of Linux phones too and it’s a number before the dot release I wanted to shine a light on this long running project.
  • Mæp, a new maps app for Maemo Leste has surfaced.
  • Ubuntu Touch OTA 14. OTA 13 happened not too long ago, so this is a relatively minor one, fixing a few bugs and enabling more releases.

Hardware announcements

Worth reading

Worth watching

Stuff I did


  • I made a too long, slightly confused video about Convergence with Phosh. Watch it on PeerTube, LBRY or YouTube.
  • Also, I made a shorter video on postmarketOS with Phosh running on the bq Aquaris X5. I am going to try and follow up this with a blog post. Watch the video on PeerTube, LBRY or YouTube.



Not much happened here, just a few additions and some maintenance.