Summing up seven days in Mobile Linux: Nemo Mobile publish another Manjaro-based image for the PinePhone that shows a lot of progress, postmarketOS stable 21.06 gets a third Service Pack (plus: another great podcast episode and nice videos) and UBports needs you to step up! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

  • postmarketOS 21.06 Service Pack 3 is out, delivering some new software on top of that stable release! My personal highlight is that new postmarketOS theme, which not only has a sexy OLED variant, but also one called paper for eInk, which is really cool.
  • DanctNIX have released new images of their Arch Linux ARM based distribution, bringing a lot of software up-to-date!
  • Nemo Mobile have published another image. The progress is impressive. I've played with this for a bit, and GUI is getting really good. Sadly, I am unable to connect that 0.6 image to my networks, so I could not play to much with it. One day later, it suddenly worked (for both, Wifi and cellular, I even received an SMS), so do give it a try!

Worth noting

  • PINE64 is teasing something ahead of fridays October Community Update. Might be a phone, or another non-SBC device.
  • HomebrewXS have announced that they are going to release their SupernovaOS for PinePhone on the last minute of 2021.
  • A brief Librem 5 shipping update. I want to believe into the projected graph, but given component shortages and the current manufacturing crunch in China I have my doubts.
  • If you want to donate to your favourite project, but you are broke all the time, make sure to vote for your favourite project at postmarketOS and UBports are excellent options, but many of the other projects are great, too!

Worth reading

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Accessory advice

Bad Rants

  • Privacy X: Pine64 Phone SUCKS! Another Garbage Linux Device. I will never understand why people get a second one, if the first wasn't for them. On the other hand, while I understand that the politics of going with Plasma Mobile make it a good choice, it's just not the best or most reliable experience for new users (yet) - a decision that certainly contributed to this rant.


Ubuntu Touch

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 110. Dalton, Marius and Alfred meet again to discuss what's new with Ubuntu Touch. Make sure to listen to the whole thing, or at least make sure to not miss Dalton's discussion of the big question he mentions in the beginning starting at 32:00. Also, do contribute!
  • Disty: Blender and GIMP Running on Ubuntu Touch - Redmi 4X. You can, but you don't have to ;-)
  • Techder Audios: [Ubuntu Touch On Oneplus One 2021 "GREAT PRIVACY SOFTWARE!?"](Ubuntu Touch On Oneplus One 2021 "GREAT PRIVACY SOFTWARE!?").



Stuff I did


I did not manage to finish the post detailing my current Linux Phone setup yet. I hope to do so soon, and stay tuned for a blog post on friday!


I played for a bit with my Motorola Harpia (G4 Play) again. Turns out: Updating lk2nd every once in a while is quite important!


Another low activity week (I wasted some time unsuccessfully trying to build one app). Read here what (else) happened on LINMOBapps this week. And please do contribute!

Linux Phone Apps

No progress, sorry!