It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

Sxmo, Chatty, Megapixels and others see new releases, Phosh & co move to GNOME GitLab, and more! Commentary in italics.

Software Releases

Worth noting

Worth Reading

Expensive Unboxings

Alternatives to the Duopoly

Software Progress


Worth Listening

Worth Watching

Software progress

Ubuntu Touch corner

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 105. This time, Dalton and Alfred discuss the changes of the past two weeks together, including, but not limited to: the updated Porting documentation, Waydroid and what it means, 5.13 kernel merged for PinePhone and PineTab, impressive Focal news. They ask for help with Pull Requests, as there are a 170 open PRs needing review.
  • Digital Wandering: 6 Reasons to Use Ubuntu Touch.

Usability reviews

Software comparisons



Getting started and experimenting

  • Jacob David Cunningham: My Pinephone experience. Technically it's not an unboxing, but it starts second after that, continuing much farther though.


Stuff I did


I finally made another a video this week. It's called "PinePhone Software Progress: Phosh's App Drawer, Video Acceleration, Kasts and more". Go watch it on DevTube, Odysee or YouTube.


Before writing this, I made some progress with regard to getting the prototype of ready for takeoff. I hope to get it online before the next update.


I have started to review app entries from the top onwards. Also, these apps were added in the past week, upping the App count to 306:

  • foKus, a To-do application, designed for Plasma Mobile using Kirigami framework,
  • tvtoday, an application to inspect the television program of today, made for the PinePhone,
  • LaTre, an assistant tool for GNOME Contacts, that does import contacts from VCard files,
  • modRana, a flexible GPS navigation system for mobile devices. Great app, it really should be packaged in more distributions. To help with this, I created a PKGBUILD script that builds the current state from git.
  • Satellite, which displays navigation satellite (GPS) information from ModemManager enabled devices (thanks to tpikonen for creating and adding this one!),
  • Kalendar, a WIP calendar application using Akonadi to sync with external services (NextCloud, GMail, ...).

The easy backlog is now almost done, but I have also added more apps that need to be tested and then added..

Read here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!