It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

Nemo Mobile and WayDroid progress further, UBports plans for VoLTE, LINMOBapps hits 300 apps and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

Worth noting

Worth reading

Nemo Mobile awesomeness

Video recording

Ubuntu Touch

Kalender and Tok progress


PinePhone keyboard

WayDroid (formerly known as "new Anbox" or "anbox-halium")

Competition ;-)

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Librem 5 corner


  • TechHut: JingPad A1 - Hands On Review - ARM Linux Tablet with JingOS (Alpha/DVT). Great unboxing and first impression video! Sadly, as neofetch reveals, this tablet runs Linux 4.14, which makes me quite sure that they are using Halium (or something similar) here and not a mainline kernel to pull it off. Other than that, it's quite amazing - both hardware and the pre-release software.
  • Thomas Triadi: JingOS Arm64 build, running on RPi 3B. testing 01. Turns out: JingOS can run on a lot less powerful hardware, too! If you're interested in this, Thomas seems to have more videos on his channel for you.

Guadec 2021

Stuff I did


  • I have not been writing something new, only added another section to my old Phosh 0.12 and its App Drawer refinement post. In other news, this web page has a media-query based dark mode now, and the code of the theme used can be found on GitHub now.


My past week was all about software:

  • I forked rokugtk in order to modernize it a bit, and eventually needed help with that, which thanks to shawdowwolf899 happened! Because free software is simply amazing, the resulting pull request has been accepted into the upstream project by now - only the ReadMe will need a bit more help. If you have a Roku, please do me a favour and test this by cloning the repo and running ./! I might look into ways to make this more packagable in the future, pull requests welcome!
  • I also finally got around to playing with modRana (GitHub), a GPS navigation/Maps app. Because the AUR PKGBUILD is hopelessly outdated, I put some time into creating a PKGBUILD to build it straight from git - check the README for caveats! Please contact me, best via Merge Request, if you have improvements!


The number of apps surpassed a little milestone with 300 apps this week! I have continued to create some open issues to help with what to contribute with and to keep me focused - again, please feel free to add more issues, if you have some: Filing bugs/improvement requests are worthwhile contributions too! The website is also a bit lighter now, as I removed some unnecessary CSS.

These apps were added in the past week, upping the App count to 301:

  • YOGA Image Optimizer, a graphical user interface for YOGA Image that converts and optimizes the size of JPEGs, PNGs and WebP image files;
  • dragonstone, another GTK Gemini and Gopher browser which fits the screen quite well;
  • OTPClient, a highly secure and easy to use OTP client written in C/GTK that supports both TOTP and HOTP that supports importing from many other OTP apps; and
  • KMixtapez, a Kirigami app for listening to mixtapes, albums & songs hosted on

I hope to focus on backlog in the coming week.

Read here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!