It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

New sounds for Plasma Mobile, Phosh, Phoc, Ubuntu Touch, Manjaro and DanctNIX see new releases and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

Worth reading

Software progress

GSoC progress

Metadata nerdery

FOSS reporting

Assistive PinePhone

Ubuntu Touch


Worth watching


eReader extravanganza



Grumpy stuff

  • Twinntech: Pinephone daily drive round 2. Admittedly, the title is not entirely fair. He's trying stuff again, and I hope it works. Also, you can see confirmation bias at work.

Stuff I did


Nothing. Well, we recorded another PineTalk, which will be out this weekend. I was going to publish a short post on Phosh's new app drawer feature tonight, but I just couldn't – too tired.

One thing I managed to actually finish, is a Flatpak manifest so that you can try accelerated video playback in Clapper without tainting your /usr/local.


LINMOBapps did not get much love again, but luckily Marco H. contributed one new app:

  • Vakzination, a Kirigami app which manages your health certificates like vaccination, test, and recovery certificates.

Read here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!