It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

postmarketOS 21.06, accelerated video playback with Clapper and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases

  • postmarketOS 21.06 has been released, basing on Alpine 3.14 and supporting 4 additional (15 total) devices. It's awesome to see this progress.

Worth noting

  • A few ARM specific PKGBUILD scripts have been removed from the AUR, as this Reddit thread points out. While this makes sense with Arch Linux ARM being a seperate project from Arch Linux, it's still sad and feels slightly unnecessary.
  • If you want to check out accelerated video playback without messing up your systems /usr/local, you can try building the Flatpak of livi/µPlayer.

Worth reading

Long reads

  • Dalton Durst: The Endless Conundrum of creating a secure PinePhone . Yes, this is technically to old to be included, but it's definitely worth reading. Dalton not only is a very nice guy, he also knows what he's talking about here: There are trade-offs that go along with verified boot, making it not too desirable.

Software progress

Personal Progress


Worth listening

  • Pinetalk 012: Privacy and Security with RTP. Have fun listening! Aside from the title, we discuss recent community news and questions that revolve around future PINE64 devices we would like to see.

Worth watching

Ubuntu Touch corner

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 103. Dalton and Alfred again, this time discussing 20.04 (Focal Fossa) progress, initial Open-Store support, clickable progress. Alfred build something called UBports PDK to have a better time building software for Ubuntu Touch, which runs amazingly fast on an Apple M1 system. Questions revolve around Rust, AGPS, Morph Browser and security.
  • Digital Wandering: Ubuntu Touch - Choosing a Device (part 2) - featuring the Nexus 5, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3a.
  • AdhesionTek: Ubuntu Touch Hands-On: Your phone is your PC, or is it?. Ugh. I was debating whether I should include this, as it's one more video not understanding while not having 'apt' outside of the Libertine container is a good idea, and it's one more video that thinks dumping on community projects and comparing them to trillion-dollar-company-products would be at all a fair thing to do.

Jing Corner

PinePhone Palace

Stuff I did

I wrote a blog post on GNU/Linux on Tablets: Hardware.

Stuff I did


Nothing. Well, PineTalk ;-)


LINMOBapps did not get any love this week. No new apps were added.

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