It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

Phosh 0.12.0, accelerated video playback on PinePhone, Nemo Mobile keyboard progress and more! Commentary in italics.

Software releases


Worth noting

Worth reading

Video deconding extravaganza

  • Brian Daniels: Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding on the PinePhone. This is really impressive! I've actually followed Brian's post to see how well this works, and his measurements check out. I really hope that gstreamer 1.20 is going to land soon and that distributions and app developers manage to make the accelerated video available to us all as soon as possible.

Software progress reports


  • Purism: Librem Themes. Sadly, the Phosh Look app needs to be adjusted as it assumes a certain username.

PinePhone hardware keyboard news

Competition ;-)

LinuxSmartphones: News Roundup: Hardware-accelerated video on the PinePhone, themes on the Librem 5. Brad's take on recent events. :-)

Worth watching

Phone reviews

Video playback demoed on video

Tutorial corner

Sailfish apps

  • ARustig View: GPS Apps on Sailfish OS This is really short, but if you ever wondered what Pure Maps looks like on current Sailfish OS, now you know!

Nemo Mobile awesomeness

DIY handheld corner

Stuff I did

I wrote a blog post on GNU/Linux on Tablets: Hardware. If you want a Linux tablet, make sure to read it and feel free to get in touch if you have questions or feedback.

Stuff I did


I wrote a blog post on GNU/Linux on Tablets: Hardware. I hope to continue this series soon, but can't give any ETA, as I will have to test and thus use more software for this; or at least sit down and write something meaningful about the Lenovo Chromebook Duet.


I reworked a few aspects of this site so that it now passes the validator. Further work fixed some issues with my Atom feed I noticed in my Miniflux instance. Also I made those "Hindsight" notes I wrote while going through my old blog posts visible. You gotta catch them all! ;-)


LINMOBapps did not get much love this week, again. I only managed to add two apps:

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