It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

A new NemoMobile image, 300 booting devices and a backup tool for postmarketOS and more! Commentary in italics.

Worth noting

Worth reading

Software development

Linux Phone Deatchmatch ;-)

PinePhone keyboard corner

Worth listening

  • PineTalk 011: Lounging with Linux Lounge. Ezra interviews Linux Lounge, a Linux-centric content creator, and we discuss the PINE64 June Community Update. Also we answer a question regarding "suitable beginner software projects", which might be interesting.

Worth watching

Ubuntu Touch avenue

App corner

  • Martijn Braam: postmarketOS Backups 0.2.0. This app works with apk, the Alpine package manager, so it's really focussed on postmarketOS, but it's still awesome to see some new developments in this area.
  • Geotechland: Foliate Linux Ebook Viewer Review. Included because it also works on the PinePhone.


Development streams

Foreign Languages

Grumpy stuff

Stuff I did


None, sorry. Busy times :( I have started writing something though, so there's hope for some content later this week.


LINMOBapps did not get much love this week, either. I have added a few apps:

  • Gnote, a Tomboy inspired notes app, that scales well (reviewed release 40.1), only the settings menu does not fit the screen properly. But: Opening notes is tedious and requires the use of the enter key on the software keyboard,
  • postmarketOS Backup, a backup application that integrates with apk to quickly backup and restore your system state in postmarketOS and
  • Pinephone Compass, a proof of concept of a simple compass app for the Pine64 Pinephone.

Read here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!