It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

Plasma Mobile, PureOS and postmarketOS progess, DanctNIX with Plasma Mobile, PinePhone keyboard firmware and more! Commentary in italics.

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PINE64 Community Update

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None, sorry. Busy times :(


  • I've been having no luck with relisting this blog on Bing (a search engine only relevant because of DuckDuckGo), and both their tools and communication are rather opaque. Apparently, this blog is accidentally doing something listed in "Things to avoid", if only I knew what it is.


LINMOBapps got much love this week, either. I have added a few apps:

  • Baconer, a Kirigami/Qt Reddit Client,
  • Sol, a convergent web browser,
  • Image Roll, a simple and fast GTK image viewer with basic image manipulation tools, written in Rust,
  • OpenTodoList, a Todo List and Note Taking Application, and
  • Seahorse, a password and encryption key manager for GNOME.

Read here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!