It's Wednesday. Now what happened since last Wednesday?

New Crust, Phosh and Jumpdrive releases, Volla Community days and more! Commentary in italics.

Software development and releases

  • Crust, the low-level power-saving firmware, has seen its 0.4 relaese.
  • Kaidan 0.8 has been released, featuring typing notifications & message synchronization.
  • Neochat 1.2 has been released, featuring bubbles, better text editing and more! Make sure to watch the video, since it's not demoing how it works on smaller screens, I did not add it below.
  • Phosh 0.11.0 has been released. Changes include Wifi/WWAN/BT quick settings now toggle on/off, long press opens Settings, initial support for gnome-session --systemd and a torch brightness slider. Make sure to read the full release notes!
  • Jumpdrive 0.8 has been released, now supporting a few Snapdragon 845 devices.
  • JingOS 0.9 has been released for x86 tablets.

Worth reading

Software development news

What is a PinePhone?

Getting started with things

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Cooperation corner

Worth watching

PinePhone Software intersection

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Volla Community days

Stuff I did


I made one video about the PinePhone in the past week:

I also published a silly blog post about howto paste into kgx, the Phosh terminal app.


LINMOBapps got some love this week, too. I have added a few apps:

  • Tokodon, a work-in-progress Mastodon client for Plasma Desktop and Mobile,
  • Almond, a virtual assistant developed by Stanford,
  • Pyrocast, a work-in-progress GTK/libhandy podcast client written in Rust,
  • pods, another podcast client written in Rust,
  • GNOME Weather, the GNOME Weather app that is mobile friendly since it's 40 release,
  • SBB, a simple GTK+ app written in Rust to get timetable information for swiss public transport, and
  • Scrum Poker, also created with GTK+ and Rust.

Read here what (else) happened. Please do contribute!