Really, not much happened. But that does not mean that we don't have a nice collection of blog posts, podcasts and videos this weeks. Highlights include a post about the Librem 5 camera, which explains how it can be used and how it got to where it is, a nice guide for writing QML apps with Python, and a video tutorial that explains moving GPG private keys securely, so that you can use your key on your PinePhone.

Commentary in italics.


In an earlier iteration of this I joked that it would be so funny if my Librem 5 1600 days after ordering – and this week I finally received the mail to confirm my address; and later another one that it's likely going to be shipped in the coming two weeks. This is great! I am looking forward to having a second Librem 5 to test (and maybe showcase) distros side-by-side. It's also bad, because it means that I will need to write one or more articles about the device – I promised this years ago.

While writing itself is not necessarily bad, it certainly takes time (and should not be done hastily, as I may have learned again this week (see below)). And time is so scarce, especially now, as I am finally making progress on a road that should lead towards a launch: Fixing LINMOBapps performance was always a major goal.

Hoping that the next mention of that project will be a link to a post on the website, I conclude this editorial with a plea for peace: May the world be as peaceful and boring as these weeks Mobile Linux news are!

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Software news

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Distro releases

  • Manjaro ARM with Phosh Beta 23 has been released. All the new stuff. Meanwhile, Plasma Mobile 5.24 landed in Manjaro ARM stable for PinePhone with Plasma Mobile this week, suggesting that another beta release might be imminent.


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Battery replacements

Minimal PinePhone settings

Status of the Librem 5 Camera

  • Sebastian Krzyszkowiak for Purism: Librem 5 Photo Processing Tutorial. Great post about how the Librem 5 camera works. In case you were wondering: Yes, it works quite well these days if you take the time to adjust the sliders to your situation.

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Linux Phone comparisons

Anbox in the Cloud

Inflation and other price increases

PinePhone Modem Upgrading

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GPG How To

Ubuntu Touch on Tablets

Missed earlier: Linux Gaming

Maemo Leste

Ubuntu Touch on the OnePlus One

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