In the fourth week of 2022, we're having an overhaul of the GNOME on Mobile stack delivering important features like MMS or arbitrary (as in non-numeric) passwords, a report on what Nemo Mobile accomplished in January, and three PinePhone gaming videos!


While I am writing these lines, I have a PinePhone Pro a few meters away in my backpack with me. It's still in its box though, as I want to make a proper unboxing video – but as I am not at home, this can't happen today. The odd thing is: It feels good to not rush into it. Being able to take time, to maybe read up a bit about what's supposed to be working and what current workarounds are, is a nice luxury.1 Looking at the small box that contains the PinePhone Pro makes me think of the Librem 5 (and its big box) I ordered 1559 days ago and that likely is going to arrive some time this year. How fun would it be if it arrived precisely 1600 days after ordering? But that's enough rambling. Have fun reading what happened in the past seven days!

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  • UBports blog: Ubuntu Touch Q&A 115. The written summary of the past Q&A. Make sure to join Q&A 116 on January 29th, 7 pm UTC!


  • Todd Weaver for Purism: Purism 2022 Roadmap. I didn't know roadmaps are even allowed to be this vague.

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  • Martijn Braam: Tow-Boot on the Pinebook Pro. Tow-Boot is a cool project that works on making booting ARM devices boring. While boring may sound ... um ... boring, in this case it's actually super exciting to have a more standardized approach on ARM, as it makes work for distributions a lot easier.

PINE64 Quarterly Community Q&A

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Coincidentally, with my currently used PeerTube instance going offline soon, I am glad to delay the moment of "okay, I do need to fix this and find a new instance" for a few more hours. I am wondering if I should not just take some VPS and put raw video files on there, files in a folder, FOSDEM style – I don't want to run a PeerTube instance myself, and I dislike moving instances (and fear this might occur again). Suggestions on this issue are very much welcome!