News on GNOME Shell Mobile, a new UI for GNOME Calls and a lot more.

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Let's start this with a giant thank you to everyone who emailed me and contributed to this update on the pad linked in the previous blog post! Thank you all for reaching out - it really helps with staying motivated and seeing positive things in life!


  • E Ink prototype for Matrix chat. As a Beeper (the Matrix based messaging service) user, I really like to see some hardware :) (Also: Really glad that I can't buy this (yet), eInk + Matrix would totally entice me to buy something I really don't need.)
  • MNT Pocket Reform - Will ship soon, includes 4G/5G/LTE modem!

Software progress

GNOME ecosystem

Releases and pre-releases

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch

Nemo Mobile



  • postmarketOS blog: v22.06 SP2: The One That Swipes. A very welcome update. My personal highlight on Phosh is that postmarketOS Welcome comes up after updating and rebooting to educate users about swiping. Really well done!

Firmware updating

Linux kernel


SDL and PipeWire


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Bicycle computing

Praise for some hardware

One for the XMPP enthusiats

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  • LINMOB: Re-Evaluating Priorities. Just so that you aren't too surprised why I'll tweet and toot a lot less than I used to.

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GNOME Shell Mobile

PinePhone Pro: Taking photos with Megapixels!

Other PinePhone Pro improvements

Virtual keyboards

Non-Linux OS on PinePhone

Not just on mobile, but...

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