Also, more and more apps get ported to GTK4/libadwaita, Phosh 0.20 beta 3, KDE progress and more._

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PINE64 Community Update

"The initial review has yielded some very positive results, partly because the SoC runs cool without the need for passive or active heat dissipation, even under load. The SoC running cool without a heatsink is great news, as it opens the door for the platform to become a basis for future devices."

StarPhone when? More seriously and totally apart from potential future news in devices, I am quite glad that PINE64 went with StarFive, a well known and decent manufacturer in the RISC-V space (and not AllWinner or worse).

PINE64 Criticism

  • TuxPhones: The Pine Formula. I also scratched my head when I read that PinePod would be based on the same chip as the wireless earbuds. I get that embedded development may be fun; but is it sustainable on chips that are so limited?

Code Hosting

  • postmarketOS: Considering SourceHut. I don't have a lot of opinions on this; but I really hope that SourceHut add some more lean WebUI for MRs before this happens. While git-send-email is a workflow used by popular and large projects, it's not exactly beginner friendly.

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Ubuntu Touch Q&A


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