The third week of 2022 has the release of postmarketOS 21.12 Service Pack 1 and many smaller stories – a comparatively quiet week.

Hardware news

  • PINE64 published the January Community Update (blog post, video), without further highly exciting product announcements. This makes sense, as Chinese New Year is approaching, which means that operations (be it manufacturing, shipping or else) pretty much shut down for a bit. The PineNote Developer Edition is now available (for everyone), but ... even if you are an eInk enthusiast, you might still want to hold off if not a developer. This time, PizzaLovingNerds video is especially good, so make sure to watch it!
  • Liliputing: This kit turns a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W into a pocket computer with a keyboard and display (crowdfunding soon). Reminds me of the PocketC.H.I.P., nice.

Fun projects

Software news

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem


Distro releases

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Kernel building

PINE64 Critisism

  • Drew DeVault: Pine64 should re-evaluate their community priorities. This is an interesting read, and I agree that it would be great if PINE64 could do more with regard to Drew's first priority ("Implementing and upstreaming kernel drivers, u-Boot support, etc") to improve their devices software story.1 Regarding the rest, I think that unless PINE64 is switching to focus on phones exclusively or mostly (remember: They make SBCs, laptops and tablets, too), I am not too sure. I understand PINE64 as a "hardware provider", not a "product company" – it's up to the community to contribute (with time and work or financially) to the software development. If this is the case, this story could be told better or more openly – I've frequently seen people oder multiple PinePhones to support the effort in places where I felt that spending the same amount across a few software projects would have helped more. Assuming I am not completely wrong here, were just talking about the nightmare of funding FOSS projects properly once again.


Mainstream Publications write about the PinePhone Pro

postmarketOS on the SAMSUNG Galaxy S5

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PINE64 Community Update

PinePhone Keyboard

UBports Ubuntu Touch

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Let me also say that I mostly agree with his comments regarding Manjaro.