Not too much to highlight this week, but there are some nice podcasts to listen too and some videos to watch!

Commentary in italics.

Hardware enablement

Software progress

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch


GUI Toolkits


Worth noting

  • The Popcorn Computer Pocket PC is now in production.
  • The PINE64 EU Store launched (after some delays due to excessive red tape). Pricing may seem high, but I'd argue it's not: The speed of shipping and a two years warranty (instead of 30 days) are valuable, and there are some operational costs, consider storage and logistics operation alone. Plus, there's stuff like compliance with common market standards (e.g. a charge for recycling batteries). If I were to get another PINE64 device, I'll gladly pay extra for convenience. If you think differently: Ordering on is still possible for EU customers.

Worth reading

Ubuntu Touch

SIP Calling on GNOME and Phosh


Worth listening

Worth watching

Manjaro Phosh

  • Avisando: PinePhone - Manjaro Phosh (0.20): What's new?. Please note: The new App Drawer is not going to ship with 0.20.0, same for the multitasking view - Manjaro included a few unmerge feature Merge Requests (i.e. drafts) on top of the 0.20.0 beta.

GNOME App Improvements

Hardware fixing

Reviving hardware with postmarketOS and Ubuntu Touch


Something missing?

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