A new Manjaro Phosh Beta, videos about Phosh on tablets and its upcoming gestures, and another Ubuntu Touch Q&A!

Commentary in italics.

Software progress

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Ubuntu Touch

See the Community Q&A video below!

Distro news


Linux and Mesa

Worth noting

Worth reading

Porting Linux to A7, A8 and A8X


Worth watching

Ubuntu Touch

Phosh on a tablet

Gestures in Phosh

KDE Goals

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Thank you for reading this 100th iteration (78 iterations of LinBits + 22 under the new name) of my Weekly Update on Linux Phones! I doubt I'll make it to 200 – at some point, one has to move on; hopefully someone else will take over! Note: This does not mean that I'll quit soon, I aim to continue this until reaching 27 for now.