Crickets, tumbleweeds, ... just listen to the new episode of the postmarketOS podcast! Oh, and there are good news regarding Kupfer!

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PinePhone Pro and other Cameras

Ricing Sxmo + Sway

Librem 5 reporting

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  • Purism: Introducing AweSIM, Simple Plus and SIMple Plans for Securing Your Phone Data. I've only included this because I must know if that pricing is somewhat competitive in the US, and how bad privacy violations on other US operators are - please tell me about it! (Context: I am paying 10 Euro for 10 GB/months + unlimited calls and SMS, and Germany is considered a relatively expensive territory compared to other European Countries when it comes to mobile service pricing.)

RISC-V or a DevTerm review

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Nemo Mobile

Sailfish OS

Wayland and Plasma

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