Also: The next Plasma release is inching closer with 5.25 beta, connecting external displays to the Poco F1 with Display Link, some NixOS, and more!

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postmarketOS Tweaks meets Sxmo/DWM

Video out on a device that does not normally support video out

  • Alex Pav: Poco F1 Mobian DisplayLink. Surprisingly smooth! Additional information can be found in the Linux Mainline for POCO F1 Telegram group1, rough summary: This was done using the Ubuntu Display Link driver and a modification to the device tree (and compiling the kernel) to enable USB host. The Poco F1 can't supply power over USB-C so you need a Y-cable (or a powered hub) to supply power to the Display Link adapter (Alex used a no-name one aquired at AliExpress).

Waydroid on PinePhone Pro

  • Link removed. Crediting work properly matters.

PinePhone (Pro) Modem Firmware upgrade

postmarketOS on basically any Android device

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