In other news: Shitphones are smart, a new phone that's going to be available with Ubuntu Touch, fun handheld hardware, funding for GNOME Shell Mobile and a Squeekboard bugfix release.

Commentary in italics.


Software progress

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

  • Felipe Kinoshita: Tasks. Nice little app!
  • KDE Announcements: KDE Gear 22.04. Nice improvements to Elisa, KDE Itinerary and Kalendar is now part of Gear!

Sailfish OS

Maemo Leste

Distro news

  • postmarketOS: v21.12 Service Pack 4. Great, incremental improvements for postmarketOS's stable release!

Kernel stuff

WPE WebKit

Running Software for other architectures

Worth noting

Worth reading

Smartphones are shit

Impressions of Ubuntu Touch

Sxmo on powerful hardware

Impressions of postmarketOS


More Hardware from Germany (well, maybe)


Worth watching

PinePhone (Pro)

Ubuntu Touch

Cyber Decks

Abusing (?) postmarketOS

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