Another calm week, where I spent most of my free time on LinuxPhoneApps has gone by. Here's what happened:

Commentary in italics.

Hardware enablement

  • David Hamner for Purism: Librem 5 Suspend Preview. I've briefly tried it, and it works for me :-) Feels a lot like when Crust was new in PinePhone-Land.

Software progress

GNOME ecosystem

Plasma/Maui ecosystem

Sailfish OS



Distro news

Worth reading

Ambitious Projects

PinePhone Keyboard Software

Sailfish OS and its legacy

App lists and such

Worth watching

PinePhone (Pro)

Librem 5 Suspend

postmarketOS Installation

Ubuntu Touch Installation

Ubuntu Touch Details & Dev

Linux Phone Gaming

Something missing?

If your projects' cool story (or your awesome video or nifty blog post or ...) is missing and you don't want that to happen again, please get in touch via social media or email!