A new PinePhone Modem Firmware release, updates on Nemo Mobile and GNUnet Messenger progress, Calls on the Poco F1, and a bunch of gaming centric PinePhone videos! And do try Capyloon on your Mobian-running Librem 5 or PinePhone Pro!

Commentary in italics.

Hardware enablement

Snapdragon 845 call audio

Display out on PinePhone Pro

Software progress


GNOME ecosystem

  • GNOME 42 has been released. Many apps were ported to GTK4/libadwaita in the process, and some of them have become convergent apps in the process, e.g. Polari. A great release!
  • Phosh 0.17.0 has been announced and released, featuring a mobile data indicator and portal support.
  • Phoc 0.13.0 has also been released. Since gnome.org is undergoing maintenance currently, I have no idea what changed.
  • This Week in GNOME: #36 Forty-two!. Nice updates!
  • Christian Hergert: Rendering Text with Glyphy.

Plasma/Maui ecosystem


Sailfish OS


Nemo Mobile


Worth noting

Worth reading


Librem 5 First Impressions

GNUnet Messenger


  • Martijn Braam: The end of the nice GTK button. Nice rant - I am not a fan of flat design either (although, in all fairness, the new libadwaita style is definitely not iOS 7-level bad. Apparently Martijn struck a chord - it went viral on HackerNews, and been actively discussed on r/linux and r/GNOME!

A Kernel of Progress


Worth watching

LibrePlanet took place and had at least one relevant talk about Sxmo, but from what I could gather, recordings are still being processed. I'll add links once the videos are out (if I should forget, feel free to ping me!).

Mepo - zig + SDL = Great Maps

  • Miles Alan: Mepo 0.4. Great video, thanks for creating it and sending it in, Miles!

PinePhone Pro and Tow-Boot

PinePhone Pro Unboxings

GNUnet Messenger on PinePhone

  • Tobias Frisch: GNUnet Messenger: March 2022. I've seen many, many apps, but I am pretty sure that this is the best, most feature rich GTK3/libhandy messaging UX I have seen..

PinePhone gaming

Something something Gameboy PinePhone

Snapdragon 845 Linux Phones

  • LINMOBnet: The fastest mainline Linux Phone: Pocophone F1. Some more notes on the Poco F1: Plasma Mobile feels really great on this hardware. Sadly, unlike Manjaro, the Maliit keyboard does not work with GTK apps (or Firefox) on postmarketOS (OOTB), meaning I'll likely have to switch to Phosh to use the apps I usually run on my Linux Phones. I've used it lightly since making the video, and battery life is solid (I should get a day out of this, even with more apps and use). I'll definitely report on how things are going in a blog post and/or video.

Something missing?

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