A new year begins with exciting news regarding Linux Phones: Experimental call audio on Snapdragon 845 devices, better PinePhone modem updating for postmarketOS (Edge), PinePhone accesories and PinePhone Pro up for order, Ubuntu Touch OTA 21, Sxmo 1.7.0 and more! Also: This weekly update has a new name!

Editorial: A new start, a slightly different format

At the end of 2021, I felt increasingly bored and tired by writing all these weekly updates. While my process of going through things using an RSS agregator is not too bad, the process of manually copy-pasting all these URLs, names and titles into an unordered list of Markdown links felt more and more like bad busywork. To be frank: There have been many weeks where I dreaded my Wednesday evening. I did not want to go through tons of irrelevant content to make sure I wouldn't miss the interesting tidbits any more.

But: Writing regular little updates is easier to do for me than editing videos, and enough people told me how much they like these updates. So I've decided to carry on, but due to less time1, I will exclude duplicate posts that don't add much value. To ease this work for me, just make sure to ping me if I don't include your cool project all the time anyway! Going forward, I want to change hosting of this site to a public Git repo again (likely framagit.org), to make merge requests or even collaborative editing possible.

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UBports Ubuntu Touch

  • Dalton Durst for UBports: Ubuntu Touch OTA-21 Release. While this release is "just" for the non-mainline devices (not for PinePhone or PineTab), it's great to see so much feature work continuing while the transition to an Ubuntu 20.04 base is happening.

Sxmo 1.70

Sxmo 1.7.0 is out, delivering multiple improvements including visual voicemail support. Make sure to read the announcement for more details.


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Long Term Support

  • UBports: Ubuntu Touch and the 10 Year Smartphone. The idea of keeping devices usable (and at least somewhat secure to use) for really long time frames is something that drives my excitement about Linux Phones, as I believe the "every two years a new phone" model is not sustainable at all. *Pretends he does not own way too many smartphones.*

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PinePhone keyboard first impressions (and fixes)

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My eInk runs Arch, BTW

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If your projects' cool story is missing and you don't want that to happen again, please get in touch via social media or email!


New dayjob!


The first keyboards shipped without a manual, if you're affected by this, here's the PDF.


I attempted an unboxing live stream, but had serious set-up woes. Firstly, Plasma's Wayland session is apparently not ready for OBS Streaming, and after that I messed with too many settings so that my video looked terribly (which I, due to a small stream preview window, only noticed after ending the second attempt to stream (on Plasma X11). To complete a full blown train wreck, the Keyboard as the only accessory I tried on camera, did not work with my postmarketOS CE running DanctNIX - luckily it works with the borked Plasma Mobile install on my UBports CE PinePhone. Update, January 15th, 2022: After cleaning the pogo pins, it works just fine with DanctNIX on my 3GB PinePhone, too – if only Phosh were better in landscape mode.