Yesterday, I finally did spend some time on mobile-config-firefox again.

A Tiny Merge Request

I have submitted a tiny Merge Request, that was inspired by listening to postmarketOS podcast // #39 INTERVIEW: magdesign (of Cycling the World Fame).

Yesterdays New Branches

Also, I created a bunch of new branches on my Codeberg repo, as I try to figure out what's next for me to do.

What's next?

I honestly don't really know. I have spent some time with the private browsing indicators, which have been renewed by Mozilla so that the current implementation for private browsing in mobile-config-firefox is broken. So far, I have failed to find a fix for current. I will try again this week, and if I keep failing, we could always just hide these inidcators for good - but I would first open an issue. So: If you see a new issue about that, and it's been authored by me, I must have kept failing.

What else? Let's have a look at the open issues I have not mentioned yet in this post:

That's it for now, thank you for reading! If you have suggestions for what I should do, please get in touch! :-)