In the days since the last progress report, I did not have much time (thanks, day job ... not). I tried to tackle fixing the private browsing menu, but have not suceeded yet.

Yes, private browsing is visually broken

At first, I embarked to find a quick and dirty fix. I first hid the label, then got rid of the inline-margins and reduced the width of the tiny logo.

Worst case, this maybe something to go back to. But I was not happy with it, it looks weird. So I decided to try something different: Recognizing private browsing, and only applying the "padding-right: 30px" applied to #titlebar when private browsing is not active. I then tweaked this a bit more, but as the commit message says, this only works on ESR 115, not 124.

Fun fact: For current ESR (and thus for you, if you use it and use private mode a lot), there's a way easier non-CSS way:

Just enter about:config and change


to false, and you should be fine with the current relase of mobile-config-firefox.

Sadly, for 124 this no longer works; my next avenue is trying to find a way that might involve :has(), to hide apply the padding-right when the logo is not there, or to add in the private browsing icon with :aftersomehow, somewhere.

One positive thing

To also share something somewhat helpful, here's a finding that may help other who explore the Firefox UI. I came across a link in this upstream issue, and found where to look up the HTML that makes up Firefox's chrome when not in dev-tools for a minute:

and there's a lot more.

What else happened?

That's it for today. More soon!