It's sunday. Now what happened since last sunday?

The end of Community Editions, a new SailfishOS release, Lisperati1000 and more! Commentary in italics.

Software development and releases

  • Sailfish OS Koli 4.0.1 has been announced. This is for Early Access subscribers only for now, I'll report (and likely try it) once this new release that features multiple big improvements (including a modernization to Gecko 60 for the default browser) makes it to the PinePhone.
  • A new development image of OpenSUSE for the PinePhone featuring Plasma Mobile (and new Phosh images) have been released.
  • Angelfish Browser 1.7.1 has been released, fixing a few bugs.
  • Tootle 1.0 has been released, fixing a few critical bugs. It's really good now, IMHO!
  • Kaidan, the XMPP messenger that works well on Plasma Mobile, have released version 0.7.0. Sadly, no words on OMEMO support, which I consider an essential feature. But there's hope it's going to be in one of their next releases.

Worth noting

Worth reading

Worth watching

KDE CE Unboxing corner

Stuff I did


I made one video, it's called "Fedora on the PinePhone: Pipewire Calling!", watch it on


BTW: More than 1000 people are now subscribed to my YouTube channel! Thank you all so much! Sadly, my video output is likely to decrease in the coming weeks, unless I seriously manage to decrease the time creating a video takes. One of the reasons for this is PineTalk, another is that I just won't be able to spend that much time on videos going forward. Also, I really want to spend more time in creating content for this blog that is not video content. That said, I am hoping to be able to do a "Librem 5 vs. PinePhone livestream in the 3rd week of february, likely on Wednesday the 17th — just so you have something to look forward to.


I installed postmarketOS Edge with Phosh on my Librem 5 Evergreen, which worked nicely. I had tried Plasma Mobile first, but that would not work at the time. postmarketOS edge, which I also updated on my bq Aquaris X5 has really made amazing progress since I last used it. The highlight of my postmarketOS experiments is certainly Nheko, which had been unusable the last time I tried it on the PinePhone and now is really nice. It's not perfect and could scroll smoother here and there, and very minor scaling improvements could be done here and there, but it's without question the most feature complete native Linux Matrix app I have used.


This week I added a whooping 9 apps to LINMOBapps, including 3 GTK pass frontends (all written in Python). and some maintenance happened. I also added some more PKGBUILDs. Please do contribute!